Moscow Architecture Institute (State Academy)

General Information 

Moscow Architectural Institute (State Academy) is a famous architecture school located in Moscow, Russia. Since 1994, the Institute has been accredited by the Royal Institute of British Architects.

Moscow Architectural Institute (State Academy) trains architects of wide-range specializations in Town-Planning, Architecture of Residential and Public Buildings, Architectural Design, Architecture of Industrial Buildings, Architecture of Agricultural Complexes, Theory and History of Architecture, Restoration of Architectural Monuments, Interior Architecture, and Landscaping.

The Moscow Architectural Institute (State Academy) has good material and technical base, 7 renovated academic buildings, a culture center and art center, a university sports complex, a health center, a canteen, and a student dormitory. The scientific and technical library of the University is the second in the Kamchatka region in the size of book stock. It services access to the Internet and to the Russian State Library.

The academy provides all the conditions necessary for the educational activities of the university: there is a library and publishing center, an institute of professional development and additional general and vocational education, a center for student creativity, etc.

The academy employs more than 900 members of academic staff, including lecturers, training and support staff, and service personnel

Study Programs 

Moscow Architectural Institute (State Academy) provides studying processes in the following specialties:

  • Architecture of Public Buildings
  • Architecture of Industrial Structures
  • Architecture of Rural Settlements
  • Urban Planning
  • Reconstruction in Architecture
  • Restoration in Architecture
  • Landscape Architecture
  • History of Architecture And Urban Planning
  • Design of Architectural Environment
  • Temple Architecture

Accommodation and Housing

Moscow Architectural Institute (State Academy) provides comfortable supervised student residence halls, equipped with everything you might need within a 5-minute walk on campus, or maybe individual apartments, or living with a Russian host family.

The residence hall’s rooms are usually shared by two or three students. Each floor has a common meeting room. There is bed linen at the dorm, a small towel, and some kitchen stuff. Bathrooms and showers are also for common use. Wi-Fi is available in the lobby of the residence hall. Every hostel resident has free access to the Moscow Architectural Institute (State Academy) canteen and all common kitchens on every floor.  The students will get access to available 24/7 Wi-Fi facilities in the hostel.