Moscow Institute of Communications and Civil Engineering

General Information 

The mission of the Moscow State University of Civil Engineering is to create a system of leading personnel and academic support in implementing the tasks set out by the Russian government in the area of building and architecture. Buildings and architecture provide the context for the most important social areas of people’s activity, so their planning is crucial to any advancement of government policy. in all areas within the remit of Moscow State University of Civil Engineering education must be advanced and of world-class standard.

The University has trained more than 110,000 competent engineers, builders, specialists, and managers of all levels in the spheres of industrial, civil, power, water, engineering, and economics. Planning and management of construction operation, information systems and technologies, design, automatization, and computer simulation of buildings, structures, and complexes.

University provides the studying process for more than 154 accredited bachelor’s courses in Russia and master’s degree programs in Russia, 6 study faculties, the Institute of distance learning and international exchange programs, 36 study departments, 50 educational laboratories, and research laboratories.

University provides full-time studying and part-time studying in undergraduate courses in Russia, postgraduate courses in Russia, and doctoral studies in Russia. It is the top-ranked technical university in Russia, which gives its students the option of taking part in academic mobility programs and internships abroad.

Study Programs

Moscow State University of Civil Engineering provides studying processes in the following specialties:

  • Institute of Construction and Architecture
  • Institute of Hydraulic Engineering and Power Plant Construction
  • Institute of Environmental Engineering and Mechanization
  • Institute of Economics, Management and Information Systems In Civil Engineering and Real Estate
  • Institute of Housing and Municipal Complex
  • Institute of Basic Sciences
  • Institute of International Education and Language Communication
  • Institute of Advanced Vocational Education

Accommodation and Housing 

 Moscow State University of Civil Engineering provides renovated and well-furnished Student Dormitories near the main studying building. There are two well-maintained student dormitories, which are home to about 700 international students of different study levels. Students live in shared rooms between 2-3 people and have permanent access to shared bathrooms. Each student dormitory has showers, kitchens, laundry rooms, storage rooms, selftraining rooms, and student recreation. There is a local computer network with Internet access in student dormitories and guest rooms for parents or friends who come to visit students.

The rooms are equipped with air-conditioning and a centralized heating system. The location of the hostels is very near to the city’s center. The local food markets and other amenities are easily accessible to the students.