Moscow Institute Of Physics And Technology 

About University 

Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT) is a leading Russian university in STEM education and research that was established in 1946. It is ranked among the best 100 universities for Natural Sciences both by Quacquarelli Symonds and Times Higher Education. 

Institute gives its students and alumni a great number of career opportunities in Asian and European countries in the future. The strong alumni community is spread globally and includes distinguished scientists, businessmen, politicians, people of art, astronauts, and Nobel laureates. 

 There are 92 Research Laboratories at MIPT, and more than 50 of them have been opened over the past five years. The university has summoned top researchers from all over the world to head it. The curriculum allows MIPT students to gain not only profound knowledge but practical skills as well. The educational process includes entrepreneurship projects and the MIPT business accelerator Phystech. 

After four years of study and the defense of a Bachelor’s qualification work (effectively a smaller and less involved version of the Master’s thesis), students are awarded a Bachelor’s degree. The full course of education at MIPT takes six years to complete, just like an American bachelor’s degree followed by a master’s degree. The MIPT study curriculum is more extensive compared to an average American college according to the school.  There is an opinion at the school that a MIPT specialist/Master’s degree may be roughly equivalent to an American Ph.D. in Physics.

Most study courses include a combination of theoretical lectures and practical seminars (problem-solving study sessions in smaller groups) or laboratory experiments. Lecture attendance is optional, while seminar and lab attendance affect grades. The base organization idea is somewhat similar to an internship abroad in that students participate in “real work.” All base organizations also have a study curriculum for students to follow and besides their work, the students are required to take those practical classes and pass exams. In other words, a base organization is an extension of MIPT, specializing in each particular student’s area of interest.


In international rankings, the Russian university was ranked 44th by The Three University Missions Ranking in 2022, In 2020 and 2021, Times Higher Education ranked MIPT #201 in the world, and in 2022 QS World University Ratings ranked it #290 in the world. 

In 2018 MIPT was chosen as a National Research Center for Artificial Intelligence. AI Center undertakes breakthrough educational research in conversational AI, neural networks, deep machine learning, robotics, computer vision, and computing systems for AI. 

Since 2019 MIPT is a member of one of three Russian consortiums for genomic research –  Kurchatov Genomic Center. Scientists of MIPT solve complex problems in general medicine and biotechnology using a combination of traditional methods in studying molecular biology,  genetics research, virology research, endocrinology research, and advanced MIPT potential in mathematics and machine learning. The curriculum allows MIPT students to gain not only profound knowledge but practical skills as well. The educational process includes entrepreneurship projects and the MIPT business accelerator Phystech. Start offers assistance to stellar students in putting their brilliant ideas into practice. 

Faculties and Courses

The institute provides a high-quality studying process in eleven departments.

  • Radio Engineering and Cybernetics
  • General and Applied Physics
  • Aerophysics and Space Research
  • Molecular and Biological Physics
  • Physical and Quantum Electronics
  • Aeromechanics and Flight Engineering
  • Applied Mathematics and Control
  • Problems of Physics and Power Engineering
  • Innovation and High Technology
  • Nano-, Bio-, Information and Cognitive Technologies

 Every student covers a range of comprehensive courses:

  • Environmental Management
  • Natural Resource Management
  • Ecology
  • Environmental Sciences
  • Analytical Mechanics
  • Foundations of Mechanics
  • Astronomy and Astrophysics
  • Physics of Matter
  • Biological Physics
  • Advanced Quantum Mechanics
  • Electrical Circuits
  • Materials for Electrical and Electronic Engineering 
  • Control and Instrumentation 
  • Digital and Embedded Electronic Systems 
  • Programming for Engineers 
  • Sensors and Networks 
  • Engineering Professional Skills 
  • Advanced Mathematics for Engineers 
  • Anthropology
  • Economics
  • Geography


Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology provides its students with renovated student dormitories. It is located within a minute’s walk from all the MIPT university facilities and academic buildings. There are two main choices of student accommodation for international students. The first type is where the rooms are grouped into flats which are fully equipped with all the necessities. All the rooms have private bathrooms and kitchens. The second type is the block system with a shared toilet, shower, and kitchen on the floor. All types of dormitories have high-speed internet access.

The Dormitory staff will provide you with the key and deal with your queries. The rooms are grouped into flats which are fully equipped with all the necessities. All the rooms have private bathrooms and kitchens. Every student has permanent access to all rooms in the dormitory including laundry rooms, studying rooms with modern technical equipment, reading rooms, and dormitory libraries.

About City 

Moscow is the capital of Russia and the most developed city in the Russian Federation. It is the largest city in the country and one of the largest and most popular cities in the world. A city is a place for living for more than 13 million people of different nations and ages. Moscow was founded more than 800 years ago by Yuri Dolgoruki and over the year became the city with the most developed infrastructure in the world.

The capital is situated on the banks of the Moscow River.  It is the main political, economical, and cultural center of Russia. Moscow is a city with highly developed industry and a vast amount of career opportunities. It has numerous modern enterprises, mostly engineering and metalworking plants. They produce machine tools, motor cars, transformers, electric motors, TV sets, watches, computers, technical equipment, and many other things. 

Moscow is called a city of students. The city is known as the most popular study destination in the world.  There are a great number of schools, gymnasiums, lyceums, colleges, institutes, and universities there. The city is so beautiful and is dotted with green parks, large squares, and wide streets that make Moscow very attractive to everyone. The Kremlin, Red Square, the Novodevichy Convent, and the Church of the Ascension in Kolomenskoye are on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The climate of Moscow is moderately continental, with a pronounced seasonality.

The most beautiful sightseeing is the light and music fountain, located in front of the Opera and Ballet Theater. The city is full of attractions for young people and international students such as modern museums, Indian restaurants, Asian restaurants, Russian restaurants, food stores, art galleries, cinemas, and recreation areas.