Moscow State University of Instrument Engineering and Information Technologies

General Information 

Moscow State University of Instrument Engineering and Computer Science is one of the technical universities of Moscow and Russia. University was founded in 1936 and has become the best place to study in Russia. University offers a wide range of educational programs to prepare specialists, masters in technical sciences, bachelors in engineering, PhDs in technical science, and doctors of different sciences.

To perform educational and research activities Moscow State University of Instrument Engineering and Computer Science unites 9 study departments consisting of 41 chairs and ten subsidiaries in Moscow, Tver, Yaroslavl, and other regions. University is one of the Russian leaders in instrument, engineering courses, management systems courses, information technologies courses, robotics and mechatronics courses

University staff are prominent specialists in the field of technical science working on improving curricula and learning processes, enhancing facilities, and expanding research.  Among them are many engineers, programmers, professors, honored workers of the science of the Russian Federation, laureates of State Awards in Sciences, and fellow members of Russian and international academies.

 The University prepares specialists in master’s courses, bachelor courses, candidates, and PhDs studies. Moscow State University of Instrument Engineering and Computer Science offers a wide range of full-time courses in engineering, part-time courses in IT, extramural and distance-learning courses in IT, and various advanced training and retraining programs

Study Programs 

University provides a studying process on the following specialties:

  • Technological Computer Science 
    • Information Security (BA, MA)
    • Materials Science (BA, MA)
    • Mechanical engineering (BA, MA)
    • Technological machines and equipment
    • Design-engineering software engineering industries (BA, MA)
    • Automation of technological processes and production (BA, MA)
    • Innovation
    • Nanotechnology and Microsystems
    • Art Materials Processing Technology
    • Design of aircraft and rocket engines (specialist)
    • Ground transport and technology tools (specialist)
  • Computer Science 
  • Instrument Making and Electronics 
  • Economics 
    • Economics (BA, MA)
    • Applied Computer Science (BA, MA)
    • Economic Security (specialist)
  • Management and Law 
    • Jurisprudence
    • Management (BA, MA)
    • Personnel Management (BA, MA)
    • State and Municipal Management
    • Applied Computer Science (MA)
    • Legal Maintenance of National Security (specialist)
  • Faculty of Specialized Secondary Education
  • Evening Faculty
  • Faculty of Professional Skills Upgrading

Accommodation and Housing 

The University provides 3 Student Hostels to accommodate international students and non-city residents. All hostels are protected by the police under CCTV surveillance and every student can feel safe and comfortable during studying or resting. 

Every student has free access to all hostel rooms as renovated and equipped reading halls with modern technologies and a huge base of informational resources, a cafeteria with the ability to drink coffee and spend time with friends, a gym with new sports equipment,  geyser for hot and cold water and park on the territory of the hostel.