Orenburg State University

Orenburg State University is the largest institute of higher education in the Orenburg region. It is a leading training, research, and cultural center carrying out advanced educational services at all levels. 

University staff are prominent specialists in the field of technical science working on improving curricula and learning processes, enhancing facilities, and expanding research.  Among them are many engineers, programmers, professors, honored workers of the science of the Russian Federation, laureates of State Awards in Sciences, and fellow members of Russian and international academies.

The university employs more than 1,200 academics and 1,800 support staff. More than 40,000 undergraduates and 3,000 advanced degree candidates are enrolled. More than 5,000 specialists participate in refresher courses for career enhancement.

The University prepares specialists in master’s courses, bachelor courses, candidates, and PhDs studies. University offers a wide range of full-time courses in engineering, part-time courses in IT, extramural and distance-learning courses in IT, and various advanced training and retraining programs. 

Study Programs

University provides study processes at the following study departments:

  • Institute of Bioelements
  • Institute of Micro and Nanotechnology
  • Academy of Public Administration
  • Research Institute of History and Ethnography of the Southern Urals
  • Research Institute of Regional Economy
  • Research and Education Center of Biochemical Physics of Nanosystems

Accommodation and Housing 

University has the biggest campus in the city with well-equipped and beautiful buildings. It has several dormitories for both local and international students.  Rooms are shared between 2-4 students. All dorms are renovated and equipped with free Wi-Fi, cable TV, air conditioning, and a central heating system.

The university has made available all the important and necessary facilities for the students including beds, cushions, wardrobes, study tables, and all daily required utilities. It has provided various specialized areas for students’ comfort like study areas, research labs, sports clubs, gyms, gardens, guest rooms, and many more at walking distance from the campus. The campus is purely safe and secure for all students, also for this, entry without a card is strictly prohibited.