Primorskaya State Academy of Agriculture

General Information 

Primorsk State Agricultural Institute was founded on the 1st of October, 1957 on the basis of the Yaroslavskiy Institute of Agriculture (1944). In 1997 it got the status of an Academy and became the Federal State Budget Establishment of Higher Professional Training and the best place to study in Russia.

The process of training and education involves about 376 teachers; among them, there are academicians (21 members of different Academies), 25 honored workers of Higher Education, 39 doctors (professors), and 180 candidates of sciences (associate professors).

The Academy combines classical educational traditions with modern studying technologies and curricula in its work. Since its creation, the higher education institution has always kept up to date constantly expanding the range of academic programs according to the state demand for engineering staff, increasing the quality of specialists’ training, and achieving international recognition.

The International Training Institute of the Academy has more than 500 international students from 30 countries. There are traditional exchange programs of teaching and scientific personnel with European universities for mutual training. Students’ programs of academic exchange, including double degree programs, are actively developed as well.

Study Programs 

Academy provides studying processes at the following faculties:

  • Faculty of Land Management and Farming;
  • Faculty of Veterinary;
  • Faculty of Forestry;
  • Faculty of Economics and Business;
  • Faculty of Humanitarian Education;
  • Faculty of Farm Mechanization;

Accommodation and Housing

All Academy hostels are secured and have time restrictions for guests to ensure safety and good condition of living. The Russian people are well-wishing and peaceful. Cities are secured by powerful police system observation. The Academy provides 3 Student Hostels to accommodate international students and non-city residents. All hostels are protected by the police under CCTV surveillance and every student can feel safe and comfortable during studying or resting. 

Every student has free access to all hostel rooms as renovated and equipped reading halls with modern technologies and a huge base of informational resources, a cafeteria with the ability to drink coffee and spend time with friends, a gym with new sports equipment,  geyser for hot and cold water and park on the territory of the hostel.