Pyatigorsk State University

General Information

Pyatigorsk State University (former Pyatigorsk State Linguistic University – PSLU)  offers quality education through 51 undergraduate programs and 23 postgraduate and doctoral degree programs taught at 9 Institutes and Higher Schools, Foreign Languages, Center of International Education and Preparatory Department. Founded in 1939 as the Pyatigorsk State Pedagogical Institute. In 1961 it was renamed Pyatigorsk State Pedagogical Institute of Foreign Languages. In 1995 it was renamed Pyatigorsk State Linguistic University. Renamed Pyatigorsk State University in 2016. By 2009, PSLU had 10 faculties. In early 2010, institutes and higher schools were created on the basis of the faculties, each of which included one of the faculties

In addition, the university has a developed system of pre-university, postgraduate and additional education, as well as the Novorossiysk branch. Currently, the university has 34 departments. The Pyatigorsk State University has modern facilities: five student residences, ten academic buildings, a Sports complex, including sports halls and outdoor areas, an artificial climbing wall, gyms and shaping halls, a sanatorium-preventorium “Nut Grove”, a student canteen “Big break”, “Damkhurts” – a sports and recreation camp in the mountains of Karachay-Cherkessia, “Anchor gap” – health and sports base on the Black Sea coast. Every PSU student can join the clubs or they can set up a club according to their interests.

 The Center of Cultural and Creative Development along with the School of Foreign Communication organize activities during the year to reinforce students’ social and cultural needs and promote international communication. With its developed infrastructure, highly skilled academic staff members, over 4,500 students including international students from 39 countries, the opportunity of learning a second and third foreign language, student exchange programs, diverse sports, and social and cultural activity opportunities, Pyatigorsk State University prepares its students for international careers by educating them in becoming creative and competitive leaders. 

 Study Programs

  • Faculty of International Relations
  • Faculty of German and English
  • Faculty of Spanish and English
  • Faculty of French and English
  • Faculty of English and Romance Languages
  • Translation Faculty
  • Faculty of Philology
  • Institute of Distance Learning, Information Technology, and Online Projects
  • Institute of International Relations
  • Law Institute
  • Graduate School of Management 
  • Graduate School of Design and Architecture

Accommodation and Housing 

Pyatigorsk State University offers accommodation to its students. Four apartment dormitories accommodate almost 1 900 students. The rooms are designed for a comfortable stay of two or three people and are equipped with a bathroom and toilet.