Russian State University of Innovative Technologies and Business

General Information 

Russian State University of Innovative Technologies and Business was established in 1953 and became one of the most prominent universities in Russia. The University is a member of the International Association of Universities (IAU), the Association of European leading schools of Hotel and Restaurant Business (EURHODIP), and a member of several international forums and conferences.

University consists of 11 study departments, 18 educational branch offices in various regions of Russia, and 2 study colleges. They held continuous education, doctoral courses, post-graduate courses, and pre-university training. It joins the State University of Innovation technologies and entrepreneurship and the Morozovsky Cossack cadet corps.

University provides a studying process for more than 48,000 local and international students. The University is a member of the Bologna process. It provides studying of Bachelor’s programs, Master’s programs, and Postgraduate programs for Russian students and develops advanced Master’s programs with English medium of instruction. Students and teaching staff at University are involved in a variety of research activities and grant programs in Russian universities and universities abroad.

The constant updating of the educational process is going on and this priority distinctive feature is making our university different from other universities. The University has been developing and receiving patents in the field of the identification technologies of genetically modified organisms, technology, and production of special feed formulation, and the production technology of mineral-enriched food supplements.

Study Programs

The University provides studying process at the following faculties:

  • Department of Economics and Business
  • Department of Food Technology
  • Department of Technological Management
  • Department of Biotechnology and Fisheries
  • Department of Textile and Light Industry
  • Department of Design and Packaging Production Organization
  • Department of Management
  • Department of System Automation and Innovation
  • Department of Social and Humanity Technologies
  • Department of Management and Information
  • Department of Law

Accommodation and Housing 

University offers comfortable hostel rooms on a sharing basis for students of the same gender. Common hostel facilities for students include shared kitchen space for self-cooking, laundry, internet, cooling, and heating system. For all migration-related issues, students can take help from the Center for International Education.

The hostel provides all needed facilities for students as modern furniture, changed bedding, TV, free Wi-Fi, reading rooms, studying rooms, a hostel library, a common kitchen, and separate bathrooms and toilets. Hostels are under 24/7 CCTV surveillance, so every student can feel safe and comfortable. Wi-Fi connectivity is accessible 24/7 to make studying and resting more useful.