Samara State Technical University

General Information

Samara State Technical University is one of the main universities in Russia. It offers a wide variety of Bachelor’s courses and Master’s Degree Programs in 12 study faculties. Its history dates back to 1910 when the regional government decided to build a high educational institution in Samara, which was the leading industrial center throughout the Volga Region. And so in 1914, Samara State Technical University was established.

At the moment University prepares specialists in the courses Energy, Oil, and Gas, courses of Chemistry and Petrochemistry, courses of Mechanical Engineering, courses of Transportation, courses of Food Production, courses of Defense Industry, courses of Information Technology, courses of Mechanical and Automotive Engineering, courses of Engineering Systems Administration and Automation, courses of Material Science and Metallurgy, courses of Biotechnology, courses of Industrial Ecology, courses of Architecture, courses of Civil Engineering, and courses of  Design.

Besides that, during its existence, several higher educational institutions integrated with Samara Polytech, and in 2016 it became a Flagship University in Samara Region among the other 11 regional universities of Russia. Due to numerous cooperation agreements with the most prominent Russian universities, students can conduct research activities and study activities with the assistance of famous members of the Russian academic community.

More than 100 years of its existence are closely connected with the times of the formation and development of engineering education and engineering science not only in the Samara region but also in neighboring regions. Nowadays Samara State Technical University has three study branches in other Russian cities: Syzran, Novokuybyshevsk, and Belebey. It provides a quality studying process in the field of technical science, engineering science, IT courses, and architecture courses.

University provides studying processes for local and international students from other countries. Due to numerous cooperation agreements with foreign universities and organizations, members of academic staff and students have the opportunity to take part in exchange programs and internships abroad to get new theoretical knowledge and practical skills.

The university has participated in several projects – Erasmus Mundus and Erasmus+, TEMPUS, DAAD (Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst), and Fulbright. SSTU serves to educate highly skilled, competitive, and creative specialists who have strong abilities to utilize emerging opportunities in the local job market and international business environment.

Study Programs

University provides studying process in the faculties mentioned below:

  • Mechanical Engineering, Metallurgy, and Transport Faculty
  • Petroleum Engineering Faculty
  • Chemical Engineering Faculty
  • Automation and Information Technology Institute
  • Electrical Engineering Faculty
  • Engineering and Technology Faculty
  • Heat Power Engineering Faculty
  • Food Production Technologies Faculty
  • Engineering Economics Faculty
  • Institute of Social and Human Sciences and Technologies
  • Architecture and Civil Engineering Academy Systems and Technologies
  • Inter-University Department of Information and Developmental Educational Systems and Technologies

Accommodation and Housing

Samara State Technical University provides its students with renovated and conveniently located student dormitory. A new dormitory unit opened in 2014 and accommodate both international students and local students. Shared rooms are supplied with all needed modern furniture and modern technologies such as cable TV and free Internet connection. Facilities include renovated bathrooms, WC, central heating in the room, a common kitchen, modern laundry, and linen.

The hostel has a convenient location and is surrounded by Russian supermarkets, food stores, bus stops, banks, cafes, restaurants, Russian museums, and shopping malls. Due to it, all students can spend their free time actively and enjoy the city atmosphere.