Siberian State Aerospace University

About University 

Siberian State Aerospace University was established in 1960 and has carried different names as the Institute of cosmic technology since 1989, and the Siberian aerospace academy since 1992. In 1996, the academy was renamed after the member of the Academy Mikhail Fyodorovich Reshetnyov. In 2002, the academy got the status of a university and accreditation from the Ministry of Higher Education and Science of the Russian Federation.

The university has a license from the Russian Federal Space Agency to study civil aviation, study mechanical engineering, study humanities, and study technologies. The university carries out basic research in cosmic science and works on its research subjects with local and foreign enterprises. The basic facilities for conducting the university’s research activity are Krasmash (the main manufacturer of the ballistic rockets for the submarines), informative satellite systems (the main manufacturer and producer of the communications satellites, tele-broadcasting, navigation, and geodesy in Russia), and KrasAir (one of the best airlines of Russia).

Today Siberian State Aerospace University prepares highly qualified personnel for the aerospace industry and conducts its research and development activities. In 50 study departments, Siberian State Aerospace University employs 970 skilled professionals who train 7,800 students in 25 aviation and technical specializations. During 55 years of conducting study processes and research activity, Siberian State Aerospace University has trained 30,000 professionals. University alumni get invaluable experience and take a vast amount of career opportunities in aviation in both national and international labor markets.

Siberian State Aerospace University delivers hundreds of world-class leaders in the field of aerospace every year. It is known for its multidisciplinary approach to studies and practical classes. The University has been honored with many Research and Innovation, Scientific awards. It has worked for many projects like Meteorological studies, spacecraft studies, aviation studies, rocket manufacturing, and space technology. It has also undertaken Odyssey Project where students were trained for vigorous cosmonaut training. With its innovative infrastructure and collaborative efforts, the University has embarked as one of the pioneers in academic excellence.

Siberian State Aerospace University is considered to be amongst the best Universities in Russia. According to the World University Rankings, it is ranked among the top 3,000 universities in Russia. The Siberian State Aerospace has an acceptance rate of 20%-30%. It follows a selective admission procedure. The University provides its students with the ability to take part in internships in European countries and internships in Asian countries.


The University has international research affiliations with top universities all across the globe. It is accredited by the EU & ERASMUS. The University is a member of the National United Aerospace University Association. Numerous cooperation and collaboration agreements allow university staff and students to take part in exchange programs with foreign universities and international organizations. It increases students’ and teachers’ mobility and gives them the ability to gain new knowledge and cultural experiences

University is a member of Internationale Gesellschaft für Ingenieurpädagogik (IGIP), European Council for Business Education (ECBE), Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP), and Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst (DAAD). It increases the level of accreditation of Siberian State Aerospace University and makes it more popular among students. 

Faculties and Courses

Siberian State Aerospace University prepares professional forces for the cosmic branch, of mechanical engineering, the EDP-professional forces, the economists, the experts, and the professional forces in public relations and management. The total number of students at the University is more than 11,500 students.


  • Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronic 
  • Faculty of Civil Aviation Fleet and Customs Affairs 
  • Faculty of Technology and Economy 
  • Faculty of Humanity Science
  • International College of the Businesses 
  • Faculty of Postgraduate Study and Continuing Education 
  • Faculty of Postgraduate Study for Professional Forces 
  • Faculty of the Sport 
  • Faculty of Postgraduate Study for Teachers 

Every student covers a range of comprehensive courses:

  • Foundations of Mechanics
  • Astronomy and Astrophysics
  • Physics of Matter
  • Biological Physics
  • Advanced Quantum Mechanics
  • Electrical Circuits
  • Materials for Electrical and Electronic Engineering 
  • Control and Instrumentation 
  • Digital and Embedded Electronic Systems 
  • Programming for Engineers 
  • Sensors and Networks 
  • Engineering Professional Skills 
  • Advanced Mathematics for Engineers 
  • Anthropology
  • Economics
  • Geography
  • Air Traffic Services
  • Avionics Systems
  • Airport Marketing Management
  • Aviation Mathematics
  • Aviation Physics
  • Aviation Science
  • Communication Skill Practical
  • Aircraft Awareness and Basics of Simulator


The Students’ Campus of the university consists of 3 student dormitories where more than 850 students and postgraduates from other towns live. The dormitories provide all the amenities of comfortable living: modern furniture, sporting equipment, and facilities for community events. It is no wonder that in recent years the SibSAU student dormitories have been recognized in contests. In the 2008 All-Russia contest, the student campus was awarded The Best Catering at a Students’ Campus.

All rooms are renovated and well-equipped with all needed technologies such as TV, modern computers, cable TV, and free Wi-Fi. Every room has beds with linens, writing desks, wardrobes or closets, chairs, and other needed furniture.  All hostels are protected by the police under CCTV surveillance and every student can feel safe and comfortable during studying or resting.  Dormitories are located near the educational buildings (the greatest distance is 15 minutes on foot). 

About City 

Krasnoyarsk is a city in Russia, the largest cultural, economic, industrial, and educational center of Central and Eastern Siberia, and the capital of Krasnoyarsk krai (the second largest region in Russia). It is the largest of the ancient cities of Siberia. Today Krasnoyarsk is the largest industrial center and cultural center of Eastern Siberia, the administrative center of a huge territory, stretching 4 000 km from the North to the South along the banks of the Yenisei. 

The city is divided into two parts by the Yenisei. The left bank of the city part, located on the upper terraces of the Yenisei is particularly picturesque. This is the center of ancient Krasnoyarsk. Unique classic period buildings of the XVIII-XIXth centuries have been preserved here. 

Every student and city resident can see the beautiful panorama of the city from here as well. It may seem surprising, but Krasnoyarsk is a city of fountains. Currently, there are more than 300 fountains here. The most beautiful one is the light and music fountain, located in front of the Opera and Ballet Theater. The city is full of attractions for young people and international students such as modern museums, Indian restaurants, Asian restaurants, Russian restaurants, food stores, art galleries, cinemas, and recreation areas.

Krasnoyarsk Siberian Aerospace University
Krasnoyarsk Aerospace Academy of Siberia
Krasnoyarsk Aerospace Institute
Krasnoyarsk Aerospace School