Siberian State University of Geosystems and Technology

General Information 

Siberian State University of Geosystems and Technologies is a public university. It is located in Novosibirsk, Russia, and was established in 1933. 

University provides studying processes for local and international students from other countries. Due to numerous cooperation agreements with foreign universities and organizations, members of academic staff and students have the opportunity to take part in exchange programs and internships abroad to get new theoretical knowledge and practical skills.

University has an integrated system of training compound of theoretical training of students with industrial activity at the base enterprises. They can take part in scientific research and continue training in postgraduate study. The university conducts education activities for more than forty years and has an invariably high reputation among higher education institutions in Russia. University provides Bachelor’s programs, Master’s programs, and Postgraduate programs for Russian students and develop advanced Master’s programs with English medium of instruction. Students and teaching staff at University are involved in a variety of research activities and grant programs in Russian universities and universities abroad.

Sport is an integral part of student life. It includes sports teams of the university on football, mini-football, basketball, and volleyball, and works with individual athletes. Women’s mini-football team, men’s football team, women’s basketball team, and men’s volleyball team achieved high results in sports.

Study Programs

The university has six faculties:

  • Geological Prospecting Faculty
  • Faculty of Geology and Geophysics of Oil and Gas
  • Hydrogeological Faculty
  • Faculty of Engineering, Prospecting, and Mining
  • Ecological Faculty
  • Faculty of Economics and Management

Accommodation and Housing 

University provides a student hostel for more than 1500 students. Students can get either an individual room or a double shared room. Rooms are equipped with modern furniture and bedding to make life there comfortable.

Students can find their national food being served in the hostel canteens and also many restaurants and other necessary food stores are nearby. The infrastructure is well-developed and the environment is friendly and safe. The rooms are well-furnished and clean. There are laundry rooms and dining areas as well. The hostel provide all needed facilities for students as modern furniture, changed bedding, TV, free Wi-Fi, reading rooms, studying rooms, a hostel library, a common kitchen, and separate bathrooms and toilets. Hostels are under 24/7 CCTV surveillance, so every student can feel safe and comfortable. Wi-Fi connectivity is accessible 24/7 to make studying and resting more useful.