Ulyanov State Technical University

General Information 

Ulyanovsk State Technical University is a major technical higher education and research institution in Ulyanovsk. Founded in 1957 as Ulyanovsk Polytech University, the university is located in the Volga River region. Ulyanovsk State Technical University (UlSTU) is one of the leading science centers of the Volga region that trains specialists in various areas, including economy, humanities, technical sciences, etc. University is the best place to study in Russia and get a higher degree in Russia.

Students focus on the development of their academic research skills and expertise, participate in the work of the university research teams, and apply for and win research grants to realize their in-house projects. On the basis of their merits and excellence in social activities, they are provided with an opportunity to take part in student exchange programs with universities around the world.

Study programs are based on ratified educational standards and harmonically group the latest scientific and technical progress. Most departments are provided with scientific research laboratories and divisions, which perform research activities and development on major directions of engineering science.

Study Programs 

University provides studying process at the following faculties:

  • Faculty of Humanities
  • Faculty of Engineering and Economics 
  • Faculty of Information Systems and Technologies
  • Faculty of Applied Mathematics
  • Faculty of Information and Computer Sciences
  • Faculty of Information Systems and Technologies
  • Faculty of Applied Informatics
  • Faculty of Software Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering Faculty
  • Extra Mural Faculty
  • International Institute
  • Institute of Aviation Technologies and Management
  • Institute of Distance and Additional Education

Accommodation and Housing 

Two modern hostels are available for students with dormitory-type rooms for two (single rooms are available at an additional cost). The hostel is connected to the University by a direct metro extension (normally it takes about 25 minutes to get to the University).

A great number of shops with high-quality food, both home-produced and imported, are available in Ulyanovsk. At the University there is a canteen and a cafe where you can have lunch for a reasonable price. You can also visit more expensive restaurants and try international cuisine. Furthermore, students can cook their specialties by themselves in the hostel.  Students live in shared rooms between 2-3 people and have permanent access to shared bathrooms. Each student dormitory has showers, kitchens, laundry rooms, storage rooms, selftraining rooms, and student recreation. There is a local computer network with Internet access in student dormitories and guest rooms for parents or friends who come to visit students.