Vologda State Technical University

General Information 

Vologda State Technical University is a higher educational institution in the Vologda oblast, Russian Federation. The university is among the top-ranked higher educational institutions in Russia and the best place to get a higher degree in Russia. The university holds the leading position in the field of information technologies and in technical education in Russia.

Vologda State Technical University incorporates 7 study institutes, a University College, and the Regional Center of Excellence that provides extension courses, best practices in focus areas, and Russian language classes for foreigners. University is the best place to study in Russia and get a higher degree in Russia.

Vologda State Technical University is the only educational higher institution in the Vologda Oblast that offers a wide range of educational programs, including those of higher education (Bachelor’s degree, Specialist’s degree, Master’s degree, and Postgraduate Studies) as well as programs of vocational education. 

The training facilities of Vologda State Technical University, such as research laboratories and computer classrooms, are equipped with all the modern technology, as well as up-to-date software. The university has 13 educational buildings and laboratory buildings, 9 student dormitories, 2 sports complexes, 4 stadiums, and an observatory.

Study Programs

University provides studying processes at the following faculties:

  • Institute of Civil Engineering
  • Institute of History and Philology
  • Institute of Mathematics, Natural and Computer Sciences
  • Institute of Culture and Tourism
  • Institute of Mechanical Engineering, Power Engineering, and Transportation
  • Institute of Pedagogy, Psychology, and Physical Education
  • Institute of Management, Economics, and Law

Accommodation and Housing 

University dormitories are located in areas with highly developed urban and social infrastructure (cafes, shopping malls, hospitals, movie theaters, barbershops, etc.). All dormitories are under video surveillance 24/7. To provide comfortable living conditions, all the dormitories have TV rooms, gyms, recreation rooms, assembly halls, libraries, and laundries with automatic washing machines, ironing, and drying accessories. The dormitories are annually renovated. All rooms and common areas are fully furnished. Students live in double or triple rooms, all the student residents are provided with bedding. The dormitories have shared kitchens and bathrooms on every floor.