Voronezh State Medical Academy named after N.N.Burdenko

About University 

In December 1930 the Medical Faculty of Voronezh State University became an independent Medical Institute consisting of the Faculty of General Medicine and the Faculty of Health Science. In 1933 the Pediatric Faculty, in 1957 the Faculty of Dentistry, and in 1983 the Faculty of Continuing Education for Medical Specialists and Practicing Physicians were established and started to conduct the studying process and study MBBS as the Voronezh State Medical Academy was renamed after N.N.Burdenko.

Voronezh State Medical University is known as one of the country’s leading research and teaching centers providing studying medicine for more than 5,000 students. It is one of the oldest educational institutions in Russia. It achieved its academy status in 1994 and started to provide high-quality degrees for prominent students from all parts of the world. The University has proved its worth as an academic institution providing high-quality education and conducting advanced scientific research in Medicine, Biology sciences and Pharmacy sciences

The quality of its performance is reflected in the rating scale, according to which the university is included in the top 10 medical universities in Russia. Since its foundation, it has prepared more than 40,000 medical specialists, including international students from 56 countries in Europe, Asia, and Africa. More than 800 members of academic staff including 149 Doctors of Medical Sciences, 91 professors, and 525 Ph.D. in Medical Sciences are involved in conducting the teaching process and scientific work at 78 medical study departments of the Voronezh State Medical University.

The clinical base of the academy consists of 29 Affiliated university hospitals and a network of polyclinics, where medical students gain exposure and practical skills. Annually the members of 39 clinic departments carry out above 130,000 consultations, perform more than 12,000 surgeries, and introduce to practice 90 – 110 new search methods, 120 – 150 treatment methods, and over 30 preventive methods. VSMU’s libraries have over 5,00,000 copies of books. Each student accounts for over 180 copies of tuition literature annually.


The Founder’s powers and competencies belong to the Ministry of Public Health of the Russian Federation. The medical university has a perpetual license for educational activity in medicine and state accreditation. The medical university carries out its activities based on the Statute of Higher Educational Institutions. Medical degrees received at Voronezh State Medical Academy are recognized globally. The Academy is listed in the World Directory of Medical Schools, 9th Edition, published by the World Health Organization.

The medical degree of the University is recognized by WHO, UNESCO, PLAB (the UK), USMLE (the USA), MCI, PMDC, and other international organizations throughout the EU. University offers MBBS courses and medical programs leading to officially recognized higher education degrees such as Pre-Bachelor Degrees in Medicine (i.e. certificates, diplomas, associate or foundation), Bachelor Degrees in Medicine, Master Degrees in Medicine, and Doctorate Degrees in several areas of study. 

Faculties and Courses

Voronezh State Medical Academy provides studying processes in such faculties:

  • Faculty of General Medicine
  • Faculty of Pediatrics
  • Faculty of Dentistry
  • Faculty of Pharmacy
  • Faculty of Preventive Medicine

Every student covers a range of comprehensive courses: 

  • Medical Science 
  • Dental Surgery 
  • Physiotherapy 
  • Psychology 
  • Nursing 
  • Cardiology 
  • Clinical Research
  • Health Informatics
  • Environmental Health Sciences
  • Public Health 
  • Human Anatomy
  • Medical-Surgical Nursing
  • Physiology
  • Environmental Studies
  • Genetics
  • Community Health Nursing
  • Mental Health Nursing 
  • Management of Nurse Service
  • Communication Technology 
  • Ophthalmology
  • Radiotherapy Technology 
  • Nutrition and Dietetics
  • Traumatics and Orthopaedics
  • Urology
  • Pulmonology
  • Dermatovenerology


The University provides its students with a renovated student hostel. The student hostel has a convenient location and is situated 10 minutes on foot from the main University building. Students have the ability to spend their free time in parks, cafes, libraries, and museums that are also situated within walking distance. 

There are separate rooms available for both boys and girls. Students can select between shared rooms, which include at least two students in each room, or private rooms. Beds, tables, chairs, cabinets, and other furnishings are provided in both private and shared rooms. For the students, the rooms are well-equipped. The university’s dormitories, like the rest of the campus, have Wi-Fi access. In the close neighborhood of the hostels, there are numerous cafes, restaurants, and snack bars. The city residents are particularly helpful to students.

About City 

Voronezh is a city located in the central part of European Russia, about 520 km south of Moscow. The administrative center of Voronezh Oblast, stands on the banks of the Voronezh River, 12 km from its confluence with the Don River. Voronezh is considered the cradle of the Russian navy and the birthplace of airborne troops

Voronezh is located in a temperate zone. Winter is moderately frosty with a permanent snow cover that forms in December. Summer is warm, even hot (especially July and the first half of August), in some years – rainy, and in some years – dry. Autumn is mild and rainy. Modern Voronezh has a wide range of engineering, chemical, and food-processing industries. Power comes from a thermal electric plant and from the Novovoronezhsky atomic power station. The city is an educational and cultural center, that has a vast amount of educational establishments and agricultural institutes, medical institutes, veterinary institutes, forestry institutes, and teacher-training institutes. The center of the city, with most of the administrative, cultural organization, and educational institutions, is laid out on a gridiron pattern that is broken only near the river by ravines in the steep bank. Industrial areas lie west of the city center or on the low, sandy left bank. 

The most beautiful sightseeing is the light and music fountain, located in front of the Opera and Ballet Theater. The city is full of attractions for young people and international students such as modern museums, Indian restaurants, Asian restaurants, Russian restaurants, food stores, art galleries, cinemas, and recreation areas.

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