Voronezh State Technical University

General Information 

Voronezh State Technical University is the flagship university of the Voronezh region which combines the educational activities, scientific research, staff, and technical capacities of the two leading technical universities in the region: Voronezh State Technical University and Voronezh State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering.

Voronezh State Technical University offers higher education programs in Undergraduate courses, Postgraduate courses, and Doctoral levels of study as well as further and advanced training for professionals working at industrial and construction enterprises and organizations of the region. Currently, more than 20,000 studying at the technical university, including international students from 57 countries in Asia, Africa, South America, the Middle East, and CIS (Center for Internet Security) . The teaching staff consists of over 1,000 highly-qualified and experienced professionals with 160 of them awarded doctoral degrees in their respective fields.

 For many years VSTU has been providing enterprises of the region with young professionals in the fields of mechanical and aerospace engineering, radio electronics and information technology, energetics, construction, architecture, road construction, building materials production, etc. 

Scientists from Voronezh State University are conducting scientific research in all these areas. The results of such research are actively introduced in enterprises of the region which allows for increased production efficiency. The University constantly implements strategic breakthrough projects providing modernization and enhancement of the region’s innovative potential. VSTU is a member of 7 out of 9 industrial clusters existing in the Voronezh Region and plays a crucial role in the regional economy.

University provides studying processes for local and international students from other countries. Due to numerous cooperation agreements with foreign universities and organizations, members of academic staff and students have the opportunity to take part in exchange programs and internships abroad to get new theoretical knowledge and practical skills.

Study Programs

University provides studying process on the following faculties:

  • Faculty of Power and Control Systems
  • Faculty of Engineering Systems and Structures
  • Faculty of Roads and Transport
  • Institute of International Education
  • Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning
  • Faculty of Construction
  • Faculty of Culture and Education
  • Faculty of Economics, Management, and Information Technology
  • Faculty of Information Technology and Computer Safety
  • Faculty of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
  • Faculty of Radio Engineering and Electronics
  • Faculty of Supplementary Vocational Education
  • Construction and Engineering College

Accommodation and Housing

All students of Voronezh State Technical University are provided with renovated apartments. Two modern hostels are available with dormitory-type rooms for two or three persons (single rooms are available at an additional cost). The hostel has a convenient location and it takes 10 minutes to go to the main study building by metro or 25 minutes by foot. Moreover, it is surrounded by a variety of food stores, cafes, restaurants, and shopping malls.

A great number of food shops with high-quality food, both home-produced and imported are available in Voronezh. Student hostels provide students with permanent access to the hostel canteen and a hostel cafe where every international student can have lunch for a reasonable price. You can also visit more expensive restaurants and try international cuisine. Furthermore, students can cook their specialties by themselves in the shared kitchens