Yaroslavl State Pedagogical University

General Information 

Yaroslavl State Pedagogical University is a traditional and modern University. It keeps to the traditional ways of teacher training. University educational training is oriented to complex personal development, spiritual transformation, and active interpersonal dialogue between the student and the teacher in the educational process.

The Pedagogical University is situated in the center of Yaroslavl. Yaroslavl State Pedagogical University has 7 educational buildings. Many of them are situated along the Kotorosl River. Besides, there is a huge building for the Natural-Geographic Faculty. Then there is a botanic garden and the buildings of the Faculty of Physical Training and History, a canteen, a preventive clinic, and student hostels. Modern buildings of the pedagogical university are well-furnished, light, well-equipped classes and gymnasiums.

To provide the educational process there are 45  study laboratories, 35 learning rooms, and 18 computer classes. Nowadays there are about 10,000 local and international students and over 600 teachers at Yaroslavl State Pedagogical University. Yaroslavl State Pedagogical University is a powerful scientific center. Scientific research is being done in 35 directions, being made fundamental applied research.

Pedagogical University is one of the biggest educational institutions in the region. It is a quality higher institution that makes great contributions to the educational life, scientific life, and cultural life of the region. The University promotes the enrichment of the modern culture in Yaroslavl and improves the cultural climate of the region. The scientists from the Pedagogical University are successful at local history research.

Study Programs

University provides studying processes at the following faculties:

  • Faculty of History
  • Faculty of Physics and Mathematics
  • Natural and Geographic Faculty
  • Faculty of Foreign Languages
  • Faculty of Physical Training
  • Pedagogical Faculty
  • Faculty of Russian Philology and Culture
  • Faculty of Speech Pathology
  • Faculty of Social Management
  • Faculty of Professional Skills’ Improvement and Vocational Retraining

Accommodation and Housing 

University guarantees accommodation for all its international and non-resident students. They can use a free bus service between the student hostel and the study building. Air-conditioned and well-prepared rooms are ready to accommodate separate boys and girls. 

Hostels are enabled with trained, educated, and full-time security guards and security wardens. Everybody can feel safe and comfortable in the dorm territory. The students will also be supplied with a high-speed internet facility, modern TV, and computers in the hostel.

All modern amenities are available to international students at the University – pillows, blankets, bedsheets, beds, tables, chairs, etc.