Yaroslavl State Technical University

General Information 

Yaroslavl State Technical University was founded in 1944. The University provides a studying process for almost 5,000 local and international students. The students in 60 study profiles, educational programs, and study specializations are enrolled in the University.  University is the best place to study engineering, study technical sciences, and study radio electronics in Russia.

The University has 5 study faculties (Chemistry and Engineering faculty, faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Economics and Engineering faculty, Correspondence education faculty, and 3 study institutes (Institute of Architecture and Design, Institute of Construction and Transportation, Institute of Additional Education, and online courses). Four study branches of training of YSTU are included in the TOP-20 universities in Russia.

YSTU cooperates with the Government of the Yaroslavl region and the largest enterprises of the region. The University takes part in the Association of innovative and technological development in the Yaroslavl region. More than 20 cooperation agreements with partners in innovation activity and potential employers were concluded in 2021. 

Study Programs 

University provides study processes at the following faculties:

  • Faculty of Mechanical Engineering 
  • Faculty of Architecture and Design
  • Faculty of Correspondence
  • Faculty of Engineering and Economics
  • Faculty of Machinery
  • Faculty of Chemistry
  • Faculty of Additional Education and Distance Learning

Accommodation and Housing 

International students are provided with a dormitory for the entire education period. Students’ hostels have single and double rooms which are fully equipped for life and study. Canteens offer a variety of dishes at reasonable prices. There is a market and grocery stores nearby for those who prefer to cook for themselves. Students’ cafes, bars, and city parks are popular places for entertainment and outdoor recreation. The dormitory is on the University campus within walking distance from the academic buildings.

All modern amenities are available including pillows, blankets, bedsheets, beds, tables, chairs, etc. One common kitchen in every block of rooms is available for students to cook food on their own. Regular electricity and water supply are available for students.